Acne be gone! Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Anti-Acne Basic Set, the perfect remedy for our masked society.

Cr: Jinnajett Wisitsilp

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Acnes begone! Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Anti-Acne Basic Set, the perfect makeup for our masked society from New Zealand.

Hello everyone, it’s J. Today I’ll be sharing with you a really nice skincare brand from New Zealand called Wild Ferns. This was the first time I got to try their products, and I’ve got to say the set of products that I got to try is absolutely perfect for those who gets acnes often or have irritable skin. So what are we waiting for, let’s go check the products out.

The products that I got to try was the Manuka Honey Anti-Acne Basic Set which consists of cleansing foam, serum and soap. All products in this set have one thing in common that is they all have Manuka honey as their main ingredient, which has impressive antibacterial and antioxidant properties and is also great at soothing your skin. Perfect for this Covid-19 age where everyone has to wear a mask for a long time. I have tried the products before the lockdown hits which then I had a couple clogged acnes from masks which left some marks on my face.

“My skin from before the lockdown, clogged acnes formed from constant mask wearing.”

I started with the Manuka Honey Refreshing Facial Wash, a soft and gentle face wash that will cleanse your face and reduces oiliness. The foam is soft and has a nice scent of Manuka honey, making you feel very relaxed while washing your face. After washing my face with it my face feels very clean and moist and not dry at all. Then I followed up with something more active like serum, which I used the Manuka Honey Radiance Renewal Facial Serum, a Manuka honey serum which has Antioxidant agents, Vitamin C,E and Royal Jelly. Which together will help moisten up your skin, reduce irritation, reduce acnes and brighten your skin up. I used 3-4 drops warmed up on my hand then applied around my face. The serum started showing effects almost immediately, my face feels very moisturized and not dry at all, and after using the serum consistently for a while the effects will become clearer. Acnes will stop appearing and your skin will become less easily irritable and scars from acnes will fade away too. Last but not least I used the Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Pure And Gentle Soap, this product can be used on both your body and your face. But since I already have the cleansing foam I decided to use this only on my body. It’s a gentle soap that is very good at moisturizing. I love the foamy texture and the nice honey scent of the soap. The soap won’t irritate your skin and is very good at cleaning your body too. And for me, when the weather gets too hot I tend to get acnes on my back, but after using this soap for a while around the area of my acne I can clearly see the acne fading away.

So from my experience with Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Anti-Acne Basic Set, for me, I find these products perfect for those of us who get acnes often and have easily irritable skin. These products are also perfect for our modern times because we have to wear masks almost all the time making your skin more oily and causes more acnes to form. So I absolutely recommend the Wild Ferns brand to everyone!

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